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Vision Fitness Elliptical Trainers

The goal at Vision Fitness was to develop the most comfortable elliptical motion possible.  To accomplish this, they offer long pedal arms and pivoting footplates for a natural and fluid stride. The dual-action arms are designed to keep you in a proper upright position and provide smooth upper-body movements.

Vision Fitness pioneered the friction-free magnetic resistance system with no wearing parts for maximum performance and durability. Combine this system with their optimally-weighted flywheel, and you get the smoothest resistance mechanism available. When the resistance level is changed on the console (even in the middle of a workout), the transitions are smooth, gradual, and fluid. Vision Fitness is so confident in this system that they offer a Lifetime warranty for home use on the magnetic brake on all of their models.

Many people read a magazine or watch television while working out on a piece of home fitness equipment. Additionally, they may work out in the early morning or late evening and do not want to disturb others. Vision Fitness is aware of this and, therefore, developed the Quiet-Glide™ drive technology, which utilizes a multi-ribbed super silent Poly-V belt, to ensure an extra-quiet workout. The large 10-ribbed Poly-V belts on their elliptical trainers give their products an advantage. The larger surface area puts less tension on the belt, which results in a longer lifespan of not only the belt but the entire drive system. Computer modeling on this drive system shows the expected life to exceed 20,000 hours—that’s over 50 years of life when used one hour a day!

Oftentimes, the size of a person’s home or workout space prevents them from purchasing a large piece of cardio equipment. Vision Fitness has a patented folding system on their X6200 allows them to use extra-long pedal arms for smooth motion, with the added benefit of being easily folded out of the way. The pedal arms and guide rails conveniently lock together in an upright position when you want to use the room for other activities.

When incorporating space-saving features into elliptical trainers, they made sure to address ergonomics. The home ellipticals have small three-inch Q-Factors (the distance between your feet), which promotes a natural stance and helps reduce joint fatigue during longer exercise sessions. The position of the dual-action arms reduces the throw of most grip positions to prevent the forward lean that some smaller users may experience. This also keeps the wrists in a more neutral position throughout the entire range of motion.

The diverse programs on Elegant and Premier Consoles includes Vision Fitness exclusive 20-minute SPRINT 8 anaerobic program, programs that target specific muscle groups, custom workouts, and heart rate training routines. You can experience a different workout each time you use your Vision Fitness Elliptical trainer!  Stop in here at Rose City Cycle or contact us to let us help you start working out at home!

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