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Vision Fitness makes it easy to fit a workout into your schedule. Consoles are intuitive-just press “Start” and go. Motivational programs are simple to navigate and have been designed by experts to produce real results. Achieve your goals with plenty of feedback from the easy-to-read display windows.

When choosing a treadmill frame you have two choices: platform or folding. Platform treadmill are a solid one piece machine and a folding treadmill does just that, it folds for space saving.

Reliability is about what’s under the hood. Start with drive systems. Vision Fitness builds and rigorously tests all key components themselves—both to ensure top quality and that they work together properly. They case the motors in large, well ventilated compartments to keep the system running cooler and more efficiently.

The Vision Fitness decks and rollers are built for the long haul. They wax the decks, rather than use a cheaper silicon alternative, because prewaxed decks run for hundreds of miles without service. The belts are aligned with high-quality, 2.5-inch crowned rollers, belt guides, and adjustable feet to extend belt life.

Elastomers provide the support and cushioning that make up a treadmill suspension system. At Vision Fitness, they use elastomers of varying densities to create the “variable cushioning system.” This means that the level of cushioning and support varies throughout the deck, like it does on a quality running shoe.

Where your foot strikes the belt, they put softer elastomers to absorb the shock. Where your foot pushes off, they make it firmer for more support. Vision Fitness adds even more comfort by making an orthopedic belt standard on the higher-end models.

The diverse programs on Elegant and Touch Consoles includes Vision Fitness exclusive 20-minute SPRINT 8 anaerobic program, programs that target specific muscle groups, custom workouts, and heart rate training routines. You can experience a different workout each time you use your Vision Fitness Treadmill!

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