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Best Mountain Biking Gears For Beginners

A mountain bike is everyone’s dream. And when you have just bought a new one, the only thing that probably comes to your mind is to set up a date and begin your adventure. But hold your thoughts right there! Just having a mountain bike is not going to be enough. You must add a few extra things to it if you’re willing to be a true mountain biker.

There are plenty of accessories that you can choose to add with your shiny bike. But which ones are the best for you? Check the below list out –

1. The Helmet- Well, of course! The helmet is one of the most essential as well as common accessories to use while riding a bike. But what important is to use a good one. A cheap helmet is not going to do any good for you. You need to ensure that you’re using a branded helmet which fits your head properly and which hasMutli-directional Impact-Protection. Good helmets normally range from $50-$300 and more. Depending on your choices, you can buy one for yourself.

2. Lights – Now, you may be forgiven for thinking that you will probably never ride after its dark. That is indeed quite a good decision to make. But, still it is always wise of you to keep bright and reliable set of lights in case of emergencies. These kinds of accessories actually help you when you think you don’t need them at all. For the front light, go for 80 Lumens in white color and for the back, 44 Lumens taillight will help you to a great extent.

3. The Gloves- Always remember one thing, gloves are not optional. They are for your safety and one of the most important gears one can ever think of. The rails of a mountain bike can be quite rough and you’re more likely to get blisters and cactus with time if you keep cycling with bare hands. A classy and branded pair of gloves will probably take you around $35. Keep your safety in your own hands.

4. Fix Kit- Your bike can get damaged anywhere in the mountain. And in such cases, if you do not have any fix kit handy, that can turn out to be quite a trouble. Always keep a fix kit handy with you wherever you go. Such fix kits should include spare tubes with other fixing tools. One of the must have accessories for your mountain bike.

5. Water Bottles- Mountaineering can actually make you feel quite thirsty and dehydrated. You should be wise enough to keep hydration system available with you all the time. The best option that you can have is to buy a hydration box. Although having a water bottle fixed on your bottle cage seems like a cheaper option, that doesn’t really provide you enough water for the day. Therefore, you should opt for hydration systems that come in a small pack with a hose as well as a water bladder. You can carry the same on your back. The price range may start from $20

6. Clipless Pedals- Although you might find yourself comfortable with flat pedals, there is going to be a time when you have to switch to clueless pedals. Theseclipless pedals have much more efficiencyand synergy with the bike which enables you to lock yourself into the ride. Eventually, these clipless pedals become a safer option for you. The price for branded and reliable clipless pedals start from $45

7. Clipless Shoes – With clipless pedals, one of the most essential accessories that should be added on the list is the clipless shoes. However, you have to ensure that you buy shoes that are compatible with your pedals. The best thing about the branded clipless shoes is, they’re super comfortable and they feel like sneakers. But then again, they are quite stiff and provide tremendous support while you’repedalling. Much more of safer option for the bikers.

8. Glasses to Protect your Eyes –  While you’re mountaineering, it is always important for you to keep your eyes safe. Therefore. Get yourself a few pair of protective glasses with clear lenses. However, these should not be mere sunglasses. Rather, they should be specifically made for riding. You can buy branded protective glasses online for around $20. There are plenty of options available for you. All you have to do is look for its pros and cons before you make a purchase.

Finding the right kinds of accessories is quite important while you’re riding on the forest or starting your own mountaineering adventure. The above list sums up all kinds of important gears with the prices that you can choose from. As a beginner, you don’t have to go ahead and buy the costliest one you can. Start with the basics and with time, keep exploring. The most important thing is to have fun. Mountain biking is not meant to be taken too seriously. All that matters is for you to enjoy!