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Discover new routes, share great rides, and meet other cycling enthusiasts. Thanks to GPS and sports tech, it’s never been easier to discover fresh rides, brag about your latest personal record, and find new riding buddies in your area.

There are a plethora of cycling-specific apps out there that are great for tracking all of your riding stats. Here are a few that we recommend - read about each app’s features and choose one that fits your riding style and fitness goals.





Once you start riding with Strava, you’ll never want to go for a ride without it. This addictive app allows you to track and analyze your rides, join Challenges, share photos from your activities, and follow friends. Compare, compete, or challenge yourself - the possibilities for making your rides more exciting are endless with Strava.

Ride With GPS


You can search for a ride in your area on our route search page without logging in. If you want to draw a map, first create an account, then go to our route planner. To upload rides, analyze your data, and compete with others, just create an account and we'll introduce you to those features.

Ride with GPS is not a one-trick pony, or a general-purpose tool. We offer a complete software solution for cyclists. Here's how it works in 4 steps:

1.   Plan
Use our route planner or explore our route database to plan your next ride.
2.   Ride
Use our GPS exports or custom PDF cue sheets to navigate along the way.
3.   Analyze
Upload your data, and dive in with our excellent graphing tools and detailed metrics. Drill down to make notes and see your laps and best efforts.
4.   Compete
We'll show you how you stack up against riders in your area, and give you the tools to stage virtual races against anyone riding on the same roads as you. Join in on any of our regular site-wide competitions for free fun, motivation, and prizes.